A process of continuous improvement in the service of quality

As an interface between producers and industrial users, Alfalfa is at the crossroads of safety and regulatory requirements. Its teams are committed to constantly improving the quality system to ensure stakeholders satisfaction.

Our quality commitments

  • Maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Ensure optimal traceability
  • Ensure and manage performance monitoring of our suppliers and service providers

“Our quality requirements are at the heart of Alfalfa’s operating system and its human organization. Alfalfa has a central quality system and at least one person dedicated to each of the 6 quality-themed activities, which are increasingly numerous”.

Florine Lepinois, Quality and Regulatory Manager 

Regulatory and continuous watch

As a supplier of foodstuffs from a wide variety of product families and origins, a regulatory watch is essential to guarantee reliable and appropriate risk analyzes and to make our foreign suppliers aware of the food safety challenges of foodstuffs. To do this, Alfalfa has set up a monitoring system and can count on reliable partners such as the Alliance 7, the Syndicat National des Fruits secs or the AREA Normandie to be informed in real time of the latest evolutions regarding food safety, technical developments or markets.

Secure sourcing

The provision supply management is fundamental to ensure the traceability of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

All our suppliers are thus subject to a prior assessment at the time of their approval, then to an annual assessment. Our suppliers are regularly assessed to ensure that they are in compliance with the evolution of the food and agricultural environment. Our approach is to have in-depth knowledge of the products and production processes and to establish a mutual trust with our suppliers, some of whom we have been working with for over 20 years.

Beyond compliance with our customers’ quality specifications, we develop our own risk analysis for each products sold by Alfalfa, integrated into internal analysis plans.

Future challenges

The food and agricultural sectors are constantly changing. Each actor has an essential role in ensuring a sustainable food system.

It is in this context that Alfalfa is undertaking the building of a CSR approach on the theme of sustainable purchasing.

As quality issues are increasingly numerous and complex, we are starting a project to digitize and simplify our system in order to improve our quality performance.

Our quality certifications

Food safety management

ISO 22000





Sustainable development