Our fondations

Since its creation, Alfalfa’s objective has been to offer the best of ingredients and raw materials to food manufacturers.

By positioning itself as a major ingredient sourcing partner, Alfalfa provides the interface between producers and industrial users.

With 70 years of experience, we are committed to developing open, qualified and secure relationships between food industry professionals.

In an environment where changes are accelerating, our challenge is to be even more agile in order to continue building innovative, responsive and secure ingredient solutions.



Our universe

Generous and complex, agriculture offers us a range of raw materials that food industry professionals strive to transform and assemble to offer pleasure, health and naturalness to the consumer.

It is with passion that we support the human food and animal nutrition industries to develop good, healthy and safe foods.

Our fonction

Since its creation by Michel Dufresne in 1951, Alfalfa has been anticipating trends with a group of selected producers. Our objective is to offer our industrial customers today the ingredients that will enable them to develop the products of tomorrow.

As a link in the supply chain, we strive to combine efficiency and safety in the supply of quality ingredients.

Our value

Our activity requires a solid expertise that can be found in 3 dimensions :

  • Market expertise: understanding the market to better apprehend it
  • Quality expertise: offering safe products
  • Application expertise: implementing ingredients in the best way

A family company for 3 generations, Alfalfa is led by a stable and quality team. We exercise our profession with rigor and commitment to build solid and lasting relationships.