An ALFALFA innovation : PCS-Paella Base

31st July 2012.

Our partner NATURIS innovates in the pre-cooked rice area.

PCS-Paella Base is made from pre-cooked rice and can be re-hydrated :

  • In cold process (1 hour)
  • In hot process (6 minutes)

The rice used in this base is colored and flavored inside the grain, which allows a more homogeneous aspect and taste. Furthermore, like all NATURIS rice, this product is standardized on cooking time and yield parameters.  The versatility of the ways to use this product makes it very useful in the food service area (quick cooking) or in the fresh or frozen pre-cooked (cold hydratation).

Please de not hesitate to contact our “Texturizing Ingredients” department for more info on this subject.

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